Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

30 years of marriage and you are still in love with that old furniture and curtains that you chose for yourselves together soon after your honey moon. Probably it has been a good assessment.  However, it sometimes needs a treat, that is provided by Commercial Clean 4 You. You might not renovate, but you will want to have the feeling of freshness and coziness around your entire home.

First the cat has left all its white hairs on the black sofa, and it looks like the sofa has got fur itself. That ancient stain of coffee is ruining your mood every time you want to cuddle among the soft pillows. All the happy  family  memories deserve a little effort in home maintenance. At Commercial Clean 4 You we know how to and apply it best.

The design of your home is pretty much focused on your well being and the creation of a sentimental space. Colors are very important, and freshness of colors is crucial. Rugs, carpets and curtains are all colorful accents that vary in design from the heavily luxurious to the minimalistic. But they obey the same spell – cleanliness. Cleanliness is crucial for a healthy and happy home atmosphere. We at Commercial Clean 4 You specialize in cleanliness.

We will clean, brighten and refresh, using only special equipment. Even if you have a pet, we can handle the stains. Your curtains will look new and smell nice. Your place will pride with its urban chic or luxurious getaway style. Colors and smells will once again give new vibrant advantages to spending time in your home.

One day and your place will look as beautiful, as if it had just been bought and furnished by a talented architect. The beauty of your home is simply the reality seen with the eyes of love.

So order your upholstery cleaning today. We are professional, we are on time, and we are really enthusiastic about giving your place a complete make over. Family life will be beautiful once again. Our service is so accessible financially, that you can afford little kids and several pets. We have ways to make every customer feel attended to and taken care of. Clean, bright, fresh, special – these are the words that will define your home after  Commerical Clean 4 You’s intervention.

Upholstery cleaning is available in Hampstead NW3, West Hampstead NW6, Highgate N6, Maida Vale W9, Golders Green NW11

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