“7 Reasons Why Business Managers Choose ‘Commercial Clean 4 You Ltd.”When They Want A Spotless Workplace, Happy Employees and … An Easier Life!”


No one wants to pay too much for ANYTHING, and no one wants a cut price job if it means a cut price service. We certainly DON’T cut corners, instead we help you control your cleaning costs by 1) customising our service for each client so that you get exactly what you want and  2) we ONLY employ hard working, efficient cleaners … so that you only actually pay for cleaning and not for dawdling!

We’re ‘FUSSY’ … which means you don’t have to be!

We start by being VERY fussy about who we employ which means everyone is tested on a very tough cleaning job as part of their interview process. During this test we not only assess their ability but also their attitude to cleaning. Those that make the grade then undergo a thorough training program to ensure that every one of our cleaners cleans to our very high (and admittedly very fussy!) standards.

Happy-Or-It’s-Free Guarantee

We know that lots of cleaning companies would like your business and will make all sorts of promises to get you to switch to them. Often these promises disappear faster than the ink dries on the contract, which is why we put our money where our mouth is with our Happy-Or-It’s-Free Guarantee.

No ‘Robots’

All of our cleaners are trained and encouraged to think on the job. They will never ‘overlook’ something that needs doing because it’s not on their ‘to do’ list for that day. We also regularly switch cleaners to make it more interesting for them and also to ensure our clients get the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes. Green-ness Most people want to do their bit towards saving the planet and protecting our environment. We care about our environment just like you do. That’s why we undertake regular research to find the most planet friendly cleaning products available. The good news is that these ‘planet’ friendly cleaning products are also ‘people’ friendly cleaning products.Consistency You never get a second chance to make a first impression! That’s why EVERY time we clean, we clean as if you were about to show your most important client around your premises the next day – because one day you might be doing just that … and we want to impress you … just as much as you would want to impress your client

‘Tell Us’

We never get complacent about your business and actively look for feedback and suggestions for ways in which we can improve and maintain our service. We make it easy for you to tell us about anything on your mind with our Tell Us Postcards which we provide you with EVERY TIME we clean.

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