Domestic cleaning

Domestic cleaning

You are lucky to have a place called home. Everything precious in your life – your body, your talents, or your possessions needs maintenance. Sometimes you just can’t afford doing it yourself – especially if your hourly rate is high, it’s much more sensible to invite a cleaning company as Commercial Cleaning 4 You.

 If you invite us to your house, in your holy cloister, in your save haven, we will treat it like a lady. We at Commercial Cleaning 4 You are London based professionals who perform cleaning jobs on a variety of premises. We are your everlasting cleaning solution –everything after our intervention looks fresh and shiny.

We hate stains as much as you do. We have got the recipes for the perfectly clean carpet, we will update your furniture and scrub, scrub, scrub, and clean, clean, clean, relentlessly without compromise for a whole day, after which your home looks… well like your own piece of heaven.

Imagine a shining sink, clean windows and doors, stainless floor, no dust or bad odors, imagine your home getting clean in one day, without the struggle. We are on a mission to fly your rooms on a broom and give rise to the perfect space, for family events, romance and happiness.

Our domestic cleaning team are trained in dusting the beautiful portraits of your ancestors, vacuuming your Persian rugs, cleaning your electrical wonders, and the top of the wardrobes and the floor under the less heavy furniture. We are precise, diligent and trustworthy. We want you to return! Leaving behind happy customers is a challenge our company is glad to take.

Instead of keeping yourself motivated to clean – sit and write that book you have always wanted to and really start feeling very good about your life. When the messiness is gone, family dreams and hopes are all that lurks in your house.

Cleanliness makes you feel good about yourself, energized and vital. You no longer want to live in chaos – start living in a different way – call Commercial Cleaning 4 You. It’s like inviting summer air in your house – soft and warm, gives you the right feeling and tries to please you. While we are cleaning you have the time to stroll down the boulevard, have coffee while you are walking, to do things that you will recall when you get older. For who recalls that they have washed the dishes or scrubbed the floor.

However you will still want to remember a cozy, fresh and healthy place, mopped, dusted, shined to perfection, and that is actually an achievement, an achievement that Commercial Cleaning 4 You can help with. You will feel like somebody has treated you with a bar of chocolate – finally your house gets the attention it deserves. What in Feng Shui is called “good chi,” the good universal energy will flow through your home uninhibited. Commercial Cleaning 4 does the hard cleaning for you.

Domestic Cleaning is available in Hampstead NW3, West Hampstead NW6, Highgate N6, Maida Vale W9, Golders Green NW11

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