After builder cleaning

After builder cleaning

Your apartment is finished and ready to welcome you, but there is still cement dust all over. Here’s where we come to aid. Commercial Cleaning 4 You does the best after builder cleaning in London. We clean surfaces, windows, radiators, floors, and every room. Doing it yourself is a waste of time, money and health. Go for the pro service to save your back and your knees – we have the best materials and machines and we won’t scratch your tiles.

In a world that is increasingly complex, Commercial Cleaning 4 You makes your life a lot simpler. It’s great to start living in a new premise with no clutter. After the building or the renovation of the place, when the walls and the floor are meant to please your senses with their colors, you want to give your new home a full treat, so that it welcomes you shiny and pretty. When we are done the home will be the kind of place you want it to be.

We know how to clean walls, mirrors, tiles, parquet and all kinds of flooring and we will try our best to please you. As life around you becomes more complex, you can focus on higher-quality experiences – for example: watch fewer movies, but enlightening ones, read fewer books, but more informative, eat less and healthier and delicious food, clean a little, but pick Commercial Cleaning 4 You to do your chores, and turn less into more in every aspect of your life. A clean house invites minimalism, creativity, love.

Moving in is a big change, for people who pursue happiness in every corner of their life. Especially in its virgin state, when stuff has not accumulated yet, your new home can start from perfection. We guarantee that, we will clean the builder mess for you at an affordable price.

A precious advice for our customers: when building, remodeling, or buying a house, before you start bringing in new furnishings, fixtures, rugs or drapes, think “how will I clean these?” Think in terms of materials and maintenance. Think green. Even if you fail at choosing the perfect surfaces, we come with a mighty army of cleaners who will strike down your dirt, stains, spots, mold, foul odors and so on, not only after building but at any time of your life at home. Trust Commercial Cleaning 4 You. We will scrub it for you!

After Builder Cleaning is available in Hampstead NW3, West Hampstead NW6, Highgate N6, Maida Vale W9, Golders Green NW11

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